General Questions

What Is Read?
READ is a Series Of Creative Class Program with a wealth of research-based reading strategies, lessons and activities designed to help young children to excel in Oral Fluency, Reading And Writing
How Read Helps Parents?
When children struggle in school, parents often feel unsure of what to do or where to turn. You're not alone! One in seven children requires special assistance in the learning process. Your child is lucky to have a parent like you who's looking for answers and advice. READ FOUNDATION looks at how young children learn to read, why so many struggle, and what we can do to help them.
Can my child succeed at reading, writing and spelling?
Struggling readers will often have problems in multiple areas. Our goal is to offer him or her caring support and strategies that work rather than put more pressure on a child. With a well-informed instructor behind him or her, your child will have the best opportunity to succeed at reading.
How does READ help overcome the fear of reading?
Learning and Reading is complex and because of the uniqueness of children, families, classrooms, and home settings, there is no Single STRATEGY that will work for all children. At read we help parents and teachers understand the specific problem a child may have with reading. Our instructors are trained with practical suggestions on what they can do to help students overcome or deal with their reading difficulties.
Why READ Is Better Than School Class?
Children do not understand at same level. All children learn at different level. In school, children are taught at same level with rote method. At READ we understand each child and teach through logical reasoning and make them understand how the language actually works.
What Is READ's Milestone Chart?
Milestones Chart: Phonemic awareness - Systematic phonics - High-frequency vocabulary - Word meanings and usages - Word parts - Grammar - Composition - Literary appreciation - Text structure - Fluency - Listening - Reading comprehension
Why Take This READ Program?
To Excel In Spelling, Writing, and Listening/Reading Comprehension - The curriculum is systematic - multisensory and integrated.

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